Frequently asked questions, answered.

Both; PreVu is a hybrid software. You can sign in to PreVu using your web browser. From there you will manage your account details and download the software to your computer.

You can download PreVu to as many computers as you want as long as they meet the minimum system requirements.

Yes. When a photo is uploaded it is stored securely in the cloud in a HIPAA-compliant environment. When you sign in to PreVu on a different computer, all your patient photos will be available.

A Windows-based computer, a simple point-and-shoot camera, and a photo printer.

Showing Simulations
PreVu is not treatment planning software. The intention of the software is to help patients visualize their need for treatment and how their appearance may change once their smile is enhanced. Each simulation can be given with a disclaimer.

You can use visualization to help patients understand why something may NOT be their best option, or that to get an optimal result, you need to do additional treatment; or, for example, you can get them involved by reviewing things like how much of their teeth will show in their smile after treatment is complete.

PreVu is designed to be a self-taught software easily learned by any team member. All plans include video-based tutorials, option to run the software in Instruction Mode (which includes step-by-step instructions), and online Quick Start training classes.

Yes. You can access our online scheduling system in the Support & Training Resources section of your user account or you can call customer service. Initial training sessions are included in the Training Package, and additional sessions may be purchased at $99.00 per session.

The trainer will review actual simulations that are done by your practice with the goal of helping you create natural-looking simulations quickly. The trainer may also review additional features and buttons as well as answer specific questions. These sessions are scheduled at convenient times for your practice. It is recommended that each office schedule a minimum of 2-3 sessions in 2-week intervals, with at least 5-10 new simulations to review at each session.

Yes. You can purchase packages by clicking here.

Account Management
No. PreVu offers pay-as-you-go monthly subscriptions that can be canceled at any time.

You can cancel your plan by contacting Support no later than one business day prior to your next upcoming payment. You can always find this date by signing into your PreVu account.

To make changes to your plan or payment period log into your PreVu administrator account. You can upgrade at any time, downgrades will take effect at the renewal date of the current plan.