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You are here because you want results, period.

Increase Case Acceptance

  • Differentiate your smile makeover consults from other practices and actually convert more consults into cases
  • Build trust, accelerate patient understanding of their dental issues, and enhance your new patient experience

Drive Revenue Growth

  • Complete more profitable cases
  • Build a patient pipeline of high(er)-value cases
  • Develop a cosmetic or full arch-centered practice

Increase Professional Satisfaction

  • Utilize the skills you've acquired through advanced education
  • Lower your risk of dental burnout
  • Change the lives of more patients by giving them their dream smile
Whether you think you are "too busy" or " short-staffed," we can help your practice educate patients quicker and create the emotional connection that has them wanting the confidance that a new, improved smile can bring.

Our goal is to help you bring more life- changing smiles into the world. If that is what you are committed to, then team up with us! ​

Most of our clients have never offered simulations to their patients before. We know how to help you implement this technology into your practice protocols using a simple digital workflow.​

We will teach your team to present PreVu to your patients, whether they are new to your practice, existing and delaying treatment, or in a for a cosmetic makeover or full-mouth reconstructive consult.​

One-on-One Training. No Travel Required.

PreVu Kick-Off Meeting
Implementation & Strategy
Progress Check-Ins
Software Training


Your Success Depends on Utilization

How often have you tried to incorporate new technology into your practice, only to have it sit in the box, on a shelf or in a corner unused?

Research shows it takes from 2 to 8 months to form a habit. PreVu University is a multi-month program based on your goals and designed to help you incorporate PreVu into your practice. Our Client Success team, including software trainers and success strategists, will work with your practice from Day One set-up to implementation success!

Using our methods, PreVu will help you gain cases in a way that is subtle–not salesy! You can use PreVu on every appropriate patient, whether the patient feels that they have dental issues or a desire for an improved smile or not. Or limit its use to increase a specific treatment or in virtual consults. Whatever your preference, following this program will ensure that you use PreVu successfully.

PreVu Kick-Off Meeting

During this meeting, we introduce your entire team to the who, why, when, and how of using PreVu! We will set initial goals and expectations, and get your team pumped up to start changing the lives of more patients!

Software Training

Starting with how to take an ideal “before” photo and PreVu basics to creating natural-looking smile makeovers in under 90 seconds.

Implementation & Strategy

Every practice is different. We learn your goals and map out a plan of action to help you achieve them.

Progress Check-Ins (Monthly or as needed)

Staying consistent is key to achieving your goals. Staying in communication allows us to provide advice, resources, and support as needed.



PreVu is a subscription-based software product. Initial plan and renewal pricing are different.

  • PreVu Premium Plus Plan
  • PreVu University, Software Training & Implementation Program
  • 10 beautifully crafted smile makeovers created by our smile design team to jump start your success
  • Dedicated Account Coordinator

$4,995 (Initial annual subscription)
  • Unlimited simulations for 12 months
  • All auto-assist simulation buttons and the smile editing toolbox
  • Customized simulations with the names of up to three dentists at your practice and your practice name and logo
  • One team member login

$2,388 ($199/month)
  • Includes everything in the Premium Plan
  • Customized simulations with the names of an unlimited number of dentists*
  • Unlimited number of unique login credentials to monitor team performance
  • Ability to generate utilization reports (evaluate quotas, determine incentives etc.)
  • *Subscriptions are per location.

$2,988 ($249/month)

Not Ready to Commit?
Outsource Your Smile Design

Discover the Power of PreVu

Present a PreVu simulation in your next 10 smile makeover consults and measure the impact that PreVu has on your patients and case acceptance!

Our talented smile design team will return your patient's dream smile within 45 minutes.

$600 (10 simulation credits; reg. $69/sim.)


Unlimited Tech Support

Whether you have a general question or would like us to help with a specific simulation, book a tech support session right in your user dashboard.

Real-time Software Updates

PreVu is always evolving. The most recent version is only a click away.

How to Take an Ideal Before Photo

The best PreVu shows patients the issues affecting their smiles, and motivates them to seek treatment. Discover how to convert your “before” photo into a motivational tool.

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